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Beijing Area Guide

Since the Olympics of 2008, the administrative division of Beijing is even more developed. When visiting Beijing, it is important to know how it all works. The Ring Roads are the most famous part. Nowadays, Beijing boasts six Ring Roads, but a seventh one is maybe yet to come due to the immense population. Next to this, Beijing also has neighbourhoods and sub-divisions containing districts and two counties. Beijing also has several towns. Below you can find an explanation of the administrative division. Beijing's two counties are called Miyun County (密云县) and Yanqing County (延庆县).If you are planning to visit this lovely city and are looking for hotels in Beijing, can provide you with the optimal accommodation!

The names of the neighbourhoods often end with mén (门), which means gate. The reason for this is the connection to the Beijing city wall. Near the city wall there were a lot of gates, which is now the location of the neighbourhoods. Some of the neighbourhoods are:

  • Qianmen           前门
  • Tiananmen        天安门
  • Di’anmen          地安门
  • Chongwenmen 崇文门
  • Xuanwumen     宣武门
  • Fuchengmen    阜成门
  • Xizhimen          西直门
  • Deshengmen    德胜门
  • Andingmen      安定门
  • Sanlitun            三里屯
  • Dongzhimen     东直门
  • Chaoyangmen  朝阳门

Beijing has 16 districts, divided into 8 urban districts and suburban districts. The urban districts are:

Beijing Area
  • Dongcheng district  东城区
  • Xicheng district       西城区
  • Chongwen district   崇文区
  • Xuanwu district       宣武区
  • Chaoyang district    朝阳区
  • Haidian district        海淀区
  • Fengtai district        丰台区
  • Shijingshan district  石景山区

The 8 suburban districts which are part of the metropolitan area are:

  • Mentougou district 门头沟区
  • Fangshan district   房山区
  • Tongzhou district   通州区
  • Shunyi district        顺义区
  • Changping district 昌平区
  • Daxing district       大兴区
  • Huairou district     怀柔区
  • Pinggu district       平谷区

The main roads of Beijing are Chang’an Avenue, Ping’an Avenue and Zhongzhou Road. Next to this there are several express ways, like Badaling and Jingcheng. The national highways are numbers 101 to 112. There are also connection routes between the Ring Roads.

The first Ring Road was built in 1924, with a length of 17 kilometres. The road contained tram lines. After the tram lines were removed, a certain network remained. Streets were connected to each other, but not very visible. Therefore, the 1st Ring Road is sometimes not displayed on maps. During the Cultural Revolution, China suggested to rename the roads as the 1st Ring Road again, in order to emphasize the modernization. However, people disliked the fact that a part of the traditional history was gone and the original names of the roads were therefore returned again. The name ‘1st Ring Road’ hasn’t really been used since.

The second Ring Road was built in 1980. The Ring Road is located around the centre of Beijing. Within the 2nd Ring Road there are four districts, Dongcheng district, Xicheng district, Xuanwu district and Chongwen district. The road is very convenient and located near the Beijing Railway Station.

The 3rd Ring Road was built during the 1980s and completed in 1990. This Ring Road has a fortunate location, since it is linked to a lot of express ways, like the Airport Express way and the Badaling Express way.

The 4th Ring Road was completed in the year 2001. The Ring Road is very useful, located about 8 kilometres out of the city centre in order to connect all the parts outside the centre. Close to the Ring Road are the Fengtai district, the Jingshen Express way and the Jingtong Express way.

The 5th Ring Road is very well-known. It was close to all the Olympic venues, the Beijing development area and it links the suburban areas. The Ring Road is around 10 kilometres away from central Beijing, enclosing the 4th Ring Road.

The 6th Ring Road, which is about 15 to 20 kilometres away from central Beijing, is 130 kilometres long. Near the Road are the Shunyi district, Tongzhou district, Changping district and the Daxing district. Travelers are required to pay toll.

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