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Beijing Restaurants

Food is an important part of the Chinese culture. As an the imperial capital of China, Beijing is a place which boasts several cuisines. Beijing is not only the place where all the snacks of China are to be found, but also has foreign cuisines from around the world, like India, Japan, Spain, Italy and much more. For vegetarian people, there are a lot of vegetarian restaurants to chose from. No matter what you prefer, Beijing has it all. If you are planning to pay a visit and are looking for hotels in Beijing, can provide you with the optimal accommodation!

The Chinese table manners are not very similar with those from the Western world. They can be summed in three most important points:

The first one is the cutlery. The fact that Chinese people use chopsticks while eating is common sense. Everybody orders dishes according to their own taste. However, not everybody has his or her own dish. After ordering all the food, it is set on the table and everybody picks what he likes. In order to taste a lot of different flavours, it happens very often that too much is being ordered.

Secondly, soup is not an apetizer but the Chinese drink tea during the food. Concerning desserts, these are not like desserts in the Western world but contain typical snacks, tea or fruit. Don't hesitate to try out Chinese food, and afterwards politely say it was tasty.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that you shouldn't put chopsticks upright in your bowl, since this is part of the ceremony at a funeral. Also, don't tap with your chopsticks on your bowl, this is very impolite. Last, the mouth of the teapot shouldn't be faced towards the other people.

Below you can find a summary of some restaurants in Beijing:

Vegetarian Restaurant:

Pure Lotus
This vegetarian restaurant has two chain restaurants in Beijing. The restaurant holds a high reputation and was voted for as the 'Best Vegetarian Restaurant' in 2007. The restaurant is managed by Buddhist monks and it has a quiet atmosphere. Location of the two restaurants:
Nongzhan Road 10, Chaoyang District (East on the third Ring Road). Opening hours: 11:00-23:00.
Jiangtai Road 3, Chaoyang District. Opening hours: 9:30-22:00.

Chinese style cuisine:

Beijing does not only have traditional cuisines, Chinese fast food is becoming very popular as well. One of the famous Chinese fast food restaurants is 'Kungfu', which is a part of Guangzhou fast food. The food includes chicken soup, squid balls and bean juice. One of its many addresses is for example on Men Wai Avenue in the Chaoyang District. The cuisine in Beijing holds a lot of different styles, with every style having its own special features. Some styles are:

  • Anhui: including local dishes from the Anhui province.
  • Cantonese
  • Fujian: This style includes salt, sweet, sour, spice and lots more. All the dishes are based on seafood.
  • Hotpot: A copper pot with a kind of soup, Mongolian or Sichuan style.
  • Muslim restaurants: There are a lot of Muslim restaurants in Beijing.
  • Sichuan: The spicy Sichuan dishes are well-known. A good Sichuan restaurant is for example Chuangban Restaurant on Jianguomen Nei Avenue 5 in the Dongcheng District.
  • Hunan: Hunan cuisines is similar to the Sichuan cuisine, but has a different kind of spicy taste.
  • Shanxi: Shanxi noodles and pasta is very famous.
  • Chaozhou: Similar to the Cantonese cuisine and has a fresh taste to it.
  • Dongbei: This cuisine contains very large dishes with meet, a salty seasoning sauce and potatoes.
  • Jiangsu: These dishes have a rather sweet taste.
  • Shandong: This cuisine is a combination of Jiaozhou and Jinan cuisine.

Hot Pot

Hot Pot is a typical Chinese way of cooking. The two main styles in Beijing are: Mongolian-style and Sichuan style. You can chose your own soup to go in your copper pot. It is possible to chose a spicy soup, with the Sichuan soup being the spiciest. After having chosen the kind of soup, you are to put the meat, fish or vegetable in the soup. There are typical kinds of dishes, for example mutton, beef, Chinese cabbage and more. A famous Hot Pot restaurant with Sichuan style is for example Jin Daogu restaurant, located in the Chaoyang District.

Other restaurants:

Fangshan Restaurant

The founders of this restaurant used to work at the Royal Kitchen. The cuisine includes dishes which are similar to the ones in the past for the Emperor. The staff also wears clothes from the Qing dynasty. Therefore, this restaurant has a Royal Cuisine, with sometimes including expensive dishes like sharks fin. The restaurant is situated in the traditional courtyard in the Beihai Park, Beijing.

Liu Quanju Restaurant

Liu Quanju restaurant has a history of more then 400 years. The name of the restaurant has its origin in the decoration of the restaurant, having a well and a big willow tree. The restaurant has a high reputation throughout Beijing. Its dishes are crisp, fresh and flavoured. The crab dishes are very well-known and the restaurant uses a lot of different preperation styles.

Yuhuatai Restaurant

This restaurant is famous for its fish, shrimp and crab. A famous dish is for example braised shark. The restaurant uses a lot of ways to prepare the dishes.

Donglaishun Restaurant

This is a muslim restaurant with a history of almost 100 years, and is famous for its boiled mutton. Customers are supposed to put thin slices of lamb in boiling water and add oil and flavouring.

Famous Roast Duck Restaurants

Quanjude roast duck restaurant

This is one of Beijing most famous roast duck restaurants. With a history of almost 150 years, Quanjude holds many chain restaurants throughout Beijing. A few examples are:

Qianmen Quanjude
Qianmen Road 32 in the Chongwen District. Visitors can reach the restaurant by taking bus line 17, 20, 22, 53, 59, 110 and 819. Opening hours: 11:00-13:30 and 16:30-20:30.
Wangfujing Quanjude
Doncheng District Shuaifuyuan Hutong 9, Wangfujing. Visitors can take bus line 803 in order to get to the restaurant. Opening hours: 11:00-13:30 and from 16:30-20:30.
Guomen Quanjude
This restaurant is situated close to the third Ring Road, in the Jingxin Building of the Chaoyang District. Visitors can reach the restaurant by taking bus line 96, 300, 302, 419, 718, 725, 730, 731, 825, 830, 847, 957, 984 and 985. Opening hours: 10:00-22:00.

Beijing Roast Duck Why is Beijing Roast Duck so famous? This has to do with its long history and also because of its unique way of preparation. The origin of roast duck is to be found in Jinling, at that time roast duck was seen as an imperial dish. Today it has become a very popular dish among all Chinese as well as foreigners.

There are two main ways of preperation. In the past, flavours were added to the duck and the duck was put in the oven afterwards. Today a popular way of preparing Beijing Roast Duck is to roast it first and afterwards offer all kinds of flavours. Customers can chose their own spices. In order to roast the duck, a smoke free oven is being used and the duck is roasted for about 30 to 40 minutes at 270 degrees.

Next to this, some restaurants offer other dishes concerning duck, for example the juice from the duck juice or duck soup. It is said that the best season to eat duck is spring, autumn and winter. The most common way to eat roast duck is to take a thin slice of dough, add plum sauce, unions and duck and finally roll up the dough in order to eat.

Famous snack street

Wangfujing snack street Beijing has more than 250 traditional snacks. One popular treat is for example beans, in particular bean juice. If you are planning to taste some of Beijing's exquisite snacks, you can go to Wangfujing snack street. Wangfujing offers all kinds of snacks, with prices being a bit more expensive than usual. Wangfujing snack street is very popular amongst foreigners. Visitors can reach Wangfujing snackstreet by public transport, taking bus line 20,37,41,59,103,104,120,420,802 or take the Beijing subway and get of at the 'Wangfujing' stop.

Western style fast food restaurants:

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

The headquarters of KFC is situated in the United States in Louisville. KFC is the worlds largest chicken chain restaurant. The founder of KFC is Mr. Sanders, which began operating the chain restaurants in 1952. In 1987, the first chain KFC restaurant was opened in China, introducing the 'new fastfood'. Nowadays, KFC already has more than 2100 chain restaurants in 415 cities of Beijing, which makes KFC the fastest growing fast food brand. China has a modern attitude towards this fast food and accepts the Western cuisine, but also remains to treasure the traditional cuisines. Prices of KFC in China are a bit lower than those in Western world KFC.


McDonalds is a famous fast food restaurant chain. McDonalds has restaurant in well over 100 countries, with 5.2 million employees. The founder of McDonalds is Ray Kroc. The company has its own history, vision and employment management. McDonald's french fries are well known all over the world. Next to this, the drive-through from McDonalds is becoming more and more popular.

Popular Western restaurants:


Sizzler introduced its style on January the 27th in 1958 for the first time. Everything started in Culver City, California when Del and Helen Johnson started their own family steak house. Today the headquarters of Sizzler is situated in Culver City and Sizzler is located in 284 places in the world, including franchises and state owned companies. This comfortable restaurant offers barbeque food and drinks and also an all-you-can-eat buffet. Sizzler also has a salad bar and offers soup. Often there are special price offers.


Hollywood is another Western style restaurant. However it also offers Chinese dishes. The prices are a bit higher than average.

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