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With the Olympics in 2008, Beijing became one of the worlds most well known cities. On 1 October 1949 Beijing officially became the capital of the People’s Republic of China, attracting a huge number of visitors. Beijing has special geological, environmental, climate, cultural and long history features. With a history of more than 3000 years, Beijing is the political, economic and cultural hub of China.

In total, Studios92 offers about 72 hotels for your accommodation in Beijing. The hotels have different locations, various stars and different prices, so we can meet every customers need. Below you will find a brief random summary of the huge range of hotels we offer.

Jin Jiang Inn Hotel

These hotels introduce a new brand identity. Jin Jiang Inn has categories of different stars, starting from two stars till five stars. Jin Jiang Hotels provide accommodation and hospitality services, international standards with rich Chinese heritage and luxury and refinement.

Three star hotelsHotel star

Beijing Botai Hotel

This hotel is a good choice and also suitable for guests traveling on budget. Breakfast is included. The hotel is located at the centre of the city, close to Wangfujing, the Forbidden City, Tian an Men square and Beijing Railway Station.

Beijing Guomao Hotel

Located in Chaoyang district Beijing, this hotel offers three star accommodation. The hotel consists out of 79 rooms. A conference room is available as well and the shopping area is very close.

Harmony Hotel

Harmony Hotel provides a nice atmosphere for an unforgettable vacation experience. With 125 guest rooms, this hotel will impress you with it’s 3 star accommodations. This hotel is a great combination for business and pleasure.

Studios92 of course also offers other three star hotels like Beijing Great Hotel and lots more. Feel free to look at the hotels we offer.

Four star hotelsHotel star

Beijing Zhong Tang De Sheng Traditional Courtyard Hotel

The Zhong Tang De Sheng hotel is both very comfortable and productive. The hotel is relatively small, but has a very convenient location, being close to local attractions as well as the shopping district.

Beijing Redwall Hotel

The location of this hotel is very favourable because it is close to local attractions, parks and the shopping centre. The neighbourhood around the hotel offers the serenity and prosperity of the ancient history and modern culture of China. The hotel has about 200 rooms with modern decoration or Chinese courtyard style.

A.C. Embassy Hotel

Located in Dongzhimen, this hotel offers your whole family everything they desire. The hotel has 205 luxury rooms total and is located close to the shopping area, in central sanlitun. The Embassy hotel has a fully equipped business center, so also suitable for guests with business intentions.

There are even more four stars hotels, for example Beijing Holiday Inn Express Beijing Minzuguan and much more. For more information about hotels, feel free to contact us.

Five star hotelHotel star

Hilton Beijing

This hotel has award-winning accommodations and a high standard brand name. It is a five star hotel with 275 guest rooms. The hotel is very close to local attractions and offers exquisite facilities.

Of cours we offer a lot more luxurious hotels. If you are interested, please contact us.

Just like in other cities, Studios92 offers visitors in Beijing great accommodation deals, transportation and all kinds of information. For more information about accommodation in Beijing, feel free to submit an enquiry, give us a call on: 0800 11 234 55 or contact Studios92.You can also visit the local government tourism website, providing more information about Beijing.

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