Transport from major airports of Beijing

Nowadays, Beijing has 6 airports: Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing Liangxiang Airport, Beijing Nanyuan Airport, Beijing Xijiao Airport, Beijing Shahe Airport and Beijing Badaling Airport. If you need accommodation after your arrival, Studios92 can help you arrange a perfect stay!

Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport is Beijing’s primary airport. The airport is situated 17 miles (28km) north of Beijing. Starting the 2008 Olympics, Beijing Capital International Airport boasts three terminals, with terminal three being the largest in the world. Since these terminals are considerably far apart from each other, a shuttle bus service runs between the terminals. The airport also has a shopping market in which you can buy authentic Chinese goods, Chinese tea and much more.

How to get to Beijing Capital International Airport:

China TravelThere are a lot of ways of transfer to the city. One of them is the Airport Expressway, linking central Beijing to Terminals 1 and 2 of Beijing Capital International Airport. Built in 1993, the expressway is 28 km in length with Beijing's 3rd Ring Road as its end destination.

In addition to the Airport Expressway there is also the 2nd Airport Expressway, connected to the Beijing Subway. Opened in 2008, this 15.6 km long expressway runs between Yaojiayuan Lu, the 5th Ring Road and Terminal 3.

The Northern Airport Line was opened in 2006 and runs between the Terminals 1 and 2 and Jingcheng Expressway. Beijing Subway also has the Airport Express Line of 28.1 km long running from Terminal 3 to 2 and stops at Sanyuanqiao and Dongzhimen. The one-way ticket fee is ¥25. Metered taxis and car rental are also available. On the average, the taxi fee amounts to a total of ¥100. From Beijing Capital International Airport it’s a 40-minute drive to the centre. Passengers are responsible for the tolls fee incurred.

Airport metro line:
Beijing Capital International Airport - Dongzhimen
Metro stop:Dongzhimen station (You can take line 2 and 13 of the Beijing Subway), Sanyuanqiao station(transfer possible in Beijing Subway line 10), Terminal station number 2 and 3 Terminal station number three.
Timetable: Dongzhimen; first bus: 6:00, last train 22:30; T3 first bus 6:21, last train 22:51; T2 first bus 6:35, last train 23:10; every 15 minutes.

Airport bus:
Line 1:
Capital Airport - Fangzhuang
First bus:7:30, last bus: 22:30
Fangzhuang - Capital Airport
First bus:5:30, last bus:19:30

Line 2:
Capital Airport - Xidan(Civil Aviation Sales Building)
First bus:7:00, last bus:till the ending of flights that day
Xidan - Capital Airport
First bus:5:40, last bus: 21:00

Line 3:
Capital Airport - Beijing station
First bus:7:30, last bus:till the ending of flights that day
Beijing station - Capital Airport
First bus:6:00, last bus:19:30

Line 4:
Capital Airport - Gongzhufen
First bus:7:00, last bus:22:30
Gongzhufen - Capital Airport
First bus:5:40, last bus:21:00

Line 5:
Capital Airport - Zhongguancun
Fist bus:8:30, last bus:21:30
Zhongguancun - Capital Airport
First bus:7:00, last bus:19:30

Beijing Nanyuan Airport

Beijing Nanyuan Airport is situated 15 km south of Beijing, in the Fengtai district, serving the main base of operations for China United Airlines. Beijing Nanyuan Airport serves air routes to Harbin, Honhot, Chengdu, Wuxi and Dalian. Passengers can reach the airport by airport bus, taxi or a public bus plus a 15 minute walk.

How to get to Beijing Nanyuan Airport:

Airport bus:
Line 6:
Nanyuan Airport-Xidan
Time:12:40, 17:10, 20:50, departure times are adjustable to flight times
Xidan-Nanyuan Airport
Time:6:00, 10:40, 15:10, departure times are adjustable to flight times

Beijing's other airports

Other airports include Beijing Liangxiang Airport, Beijing Shahe Airport and Beijing Badaling Airport. Beijing Liangxiang Airport is only used for Military purpose and as a pilot training centre. Beijing Shahe airport is situated 20 km north of Beijing. Less well known, Beijing Badaling Airport was previously used for the military. Nowadays, it uses one passenger airline with a single runway.

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